Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Mini CNY Makan


"Mini CNY Makan" ~ this was the title of the email invite that Agnes sent out to us. The makan session this afternoon was not mini at all, it was a BIG feast with lots of good food to enjoy. Agnes, Ann, Boss, Rachel and all, thank you for waking up at 4am to prepare these wonderful dishes  ^__^

Yu sheng (鱼生) was the main highlight of today. There are three kinds of radishes in yu sheng: carrot, white radish, green radish. Green radish tastes fresh on the first bite, but slowly turns bitter and spicy after chewing on it more. Boss said that we should soak the shredded green radishes in water to remove the bitterness and spiciness.

Yu Sheng ~ contributed by Agnes

Chicken wings ~ contributed by Agnes, fried by Mag's maid

Salmon teriyaki ~ contributed by Rachel

Gyoza ~ contributed by Rachel

Anti-clockwise (left to right)
Fish cake ~ contributed by Margaret
Meatballs ~ contributed by Agnes
Chap chye ~ contributed by Boss

Curry chicken ~ contributed by Ann

Fried bee hoon ~ contributed by Ann

Fried dry mee siam ~ contributed by Ann

After looking at these pictures, Mr Tofu commented that we do anything but work. Sour grapes... Hahaha... ;)

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  1. Wow, so this is a potluck office party? What a feast and I think it is wonderful that your colleagues have all chipped in to contribute...


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