Sunday, March 7, 2010

Pots and Pans

Received this sms from Mr Tofu this morning:
My China friend, got alot of lobang, cheap Zwilling pots and pans (RMB350), cheap quilt (RMB200), cheap Lenovo laptop, n cheap Timberland....

Zwilling the 'stickman' brand? I tot Zwilling is a European knife-maker? Pardon me, I'm a sucker for Japanese products, so I haven't been noticing much of others.

Surfing their website, the cheapest thing I found was a saucepan selling for £75. RMB350 is equivalent to £35, wow... that's 50% off the original price... I should make a trip down to TANGS basement to survey the prices this weekend.

On a seperate note....
I specially dressed my Poupeegirl (game character) up in comfy homey clothes, armed with a whisk in my hand, standing in a sweet lovely living room, representing me in my profile picture (top). This is my dream life... to cook everyday in a little sweet house with my beloved Mr Tofu. This dream will be coming true very very soon... in April... *squeals*   v (^____^) v


  1. Wow good one! From Mr T to Mr Tofu :)

    Cheap doesn't mean good. Need to be careful if you are getting something that is too good of a deal. :)

  2. I bet you must be so excited! Whatever your plans are, I wish you all the best. :) Do you look like your Poupeegirl? Mr Tofu is a very lucky man!


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