Wednesday, June 9, 2010

True Blue Peranakan Cuisine

On a lazy afternoon, I was invited to this restaurant picked by my food-snob friends who were excellent cooks themselves. It was truly a great honour to be able to enjoy delicious true blue food with great friends who appreciate them.

Random quotes from our conversation in this restaurant:
"beautiful typical baba house deco"
"see the intricate wood carvings, they are covered by real gold foil"
"they have to get very thin waitresses cos only thin people will look nice in kebayas"
"it is impossible to get this (good) taste when I cook this dish, only our mothers' and grandmothers' food can taste like that"
"actually ayam buah keluah should be made with babi (pork), not chicken"
"they are very smart, they don't use pork at all, then can cater to the tourists"
"just eat, don't look at the price"

By the waitresses:
"the longan tea is free flow"
"we can't make the gula melaka ondeh ondeh because we ran out of good quality gula melaka"
"you can only takeaway food that doesn't have seafood in it coz we're worried that seafood will turn bad under SG's hot weather"
"actually, yall can only take away the ayam buah keluak"

1 comment:

  1. Asking me to eat and don't look at the price is!

    Now I want some ayam buah keluak :)


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