Saturday, December 26, 2009

Sushi (Makizushi 巻寿司)

Mr Stone is having a house warming party in his new flat in Sengkang. We volunteered to contribute sushi for the pot-luck party. After viewing this, this and this demonstration on Youtube, I started my new adventure...

The rice (酢飯).

The fillings.

Rolling with a sushi mat.

The uncut rolls - 2 cups of rice yield 5 rolls.

Cut the rolls into eighths.


Sushi Vinegar Mix

2 tbsps Japanese vinegar
2 tbsps Sugar
1 tsp Salt


* Assemble ingredients in a bowl/pan.
* Warm over low heat till sugar and salt dissolve (resembles thick corn syrup).

Sushi Rice

Ingredients (yields 4-5 rolls):
2 cups Round-grained rice
2 cups Water (or follow the water mark# for "SWEET RICE")
1 portion Sushi vinegar mix (see above)

* Cook rice in rice cooker#.
* Let rice sit in cooker for another 10-15 minutes#.
* Pour sushi vinegar mix into rice & mix thoroughly through. Mix through as fast as you can and fan it at the same time to quickly cool rice#.

# Tips
1. I use a fuzzy logic rice cooker Tiger JAGXXXX (Made in Japan). It cooks perfect rice every time.
2. Fill water to the recommended water mark and let rice soak for 1 hour. After 1 hour, rice grains will absorb the water and turn from translucent to white.
3. Sweet rice requires a little less water than normal rice.
4. No peeking. Do not open cooker to let steam out.
5. Rapid cooling (fanning) will help the rice to look shiny.
6. Mix rice with cutting and flipping motion, do not press/smash rice.
7. Let rice cool to room temperature before using.
8. For a bigger roll, I would fill 80% of the nori sheet with rice next time.

Yay! Masterpiece! (^___^) v
My friend, Mr Naniwa, a Japanese, told me this is called MAKIZUSHI 巻寿司.

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