Thursday, April 1, 2010

Kaya (easy slow cooker method)

When I was buying the ingredients for making kaya in the supermarket, Mr Tofu was surprised that only four ingredients were needed. Yes, FOUR ~ eggs, coconut milk, sugar, pandan leaves. He was more surprised at how 'unhealthy' the ingredients were... hahaha.... like what gourmet chef 蔡澜 says, delicious food is never healthy ^ ^

I used a mix of coconut cream and 'instant' coconut milk:

People always say coconut milk is unhealthy due to the high cholesterol. But look at the label on both types of coconut milk:

I would think it's more of the fat content that makes it unhealthy...  -____-

The knotted pandan leaves ~ it's easier to knot them if the pandan leaves were split into 2 from the middle. Can you tell from this picture?

Kaya (easy slow cooker method)
(adapted from The Little Teochew)

200ml coconut cream
350ml coconut milk
10 eggs, lightly beaten
450g sugar
10-20 pandan leaves (or 1 pkt of $0.45 NTUC pandan leaves)


* Wash pandan leaves throughly & wipe each blade dry with a cloth. Knot them.
* Assemble all ingredients in a slow cooker.
* Switch on slow cooker and stir mixture till sugar thoroughly dissolves.
* Remove cover & stir mixture from the bottom every 30 minutes.
* Cook for a total of 3-4 hours (i cooked only for 3 hours today).
* Puree kaya mixture with a sieve.
* Store pureed kaya into sterilised glass jars.

This is how the kaya looks like after 3 hours of cooking. The pale green comes from the colour of the pandan leaves.

The pureed kaya with the sterilised bottles. This recipe yields five bottles of kaya. Three bottles for friends, one bottle for mum, one for myself ^ ^

That's my thumb for the comparison of G-brand Royal white bread (left) and Junior thick slice (right). I prefer Royal white, but there are only 5 slices in 1 packet... expensive...

Spreading a thick layer of kaya....

Besides butter, do you know that sliced cheese squares go very well with kaya? For me, I like to use the lighter tasting cheese so that it doesn't overpower the delicate fragrance of coconut & pandan leaves in the kaya ^ ^


  1. It's wonderful to indulge in unhealthy food once in a while. I love kaya and yours look really delicious!

  2. So nice to make your own kaya!

  3. I just got myself a slow cooker and somehow chanced upon your recipe. Great job! will try today! A Singaporean from Wellington, NZ


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