Thursday, April 8, 2010

Gifts of Friendship

Gifts full of love from my sweet colleagues...

Multi-purpose chilli paste

Dearest Agnes, I don't know what came onto me when you asked me what I wanted to eat before I leave, only one thing came to my mind - your CHILLI. You must had been shocked that I made this demanding request. When I saw this huge tub of chilli, I was so touched. You must had spent ages to make this. I will treasure this special gift.

Iceless orange juice

Dearest Miss Siew Fong Fong, thank you for the thoughtful hi-C drink. This is the most useful and practical gift I've ever received.

Indonesian keropok
[keropok photo] - will be uploaded soon

Dearest Aunty Ann, yesterday my mum suggested that I could bring keropok to eat in Beijing. I told her my friend already gave me one packet. She said I'm a very lucky girl cos I'm doted by so many people. 

Watching a variety programme on Channel U with my favourite boy bands of yesteryears dancing to their signature songs. To my dear idol 张克帆:你为什么会变成这样??咳。。。没关系啦,我也是。。呵呵。。。 :-D


  1. That chili looks like 好料 !

  2. Fried bee hoon with this same chilli paste. It was yummy!


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